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    Effective PPC Management requires a deep understanding of search engines, web analytics, and the PPC platform you are using. Whether you are struggling to manage AdWords yourself or your current PPC management company is under-delivering, we can unlock your paid search potential. We believe in guiding you with real data so that we can make the right decisions for your business together.

    Our customized Pay-Per-Click strategies provide improvements in ROI from Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns. We use real-time search data and in-depth analytics to optimize all aspects of your Pay-Per-Click accounts. High performing keywords and ads are maximized, while low-performers are eliminated. Every aspect of your account is meticulously tested and optimized on an ongoing basis. The result is a continuous improvement in the performance of your PPC account. Our team’s unified goal is to drive real, measurable value for your business, because when you grow, we grow.

    Our PPC Management Process –

    1. Understand Your Goals
    Is success measured in leads, sales, or brand awareness? We work with you extensively to ensure a deep understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. Are you launching a new product or service that requires educating your target market? Perhaps, you are just hoping to tap more of the thousands of searches happening for your solution already. All of our clients came to us searching for more business, but we work tirelessly to understand what how your organization views success throughout your entire pipeline. We employ the strategy that fits the objective.

    2. Analyze Historical Data
    Our team reviews any existing website and advertising data to uncover insights and areas to focus. We’ll dive deep into your analytics. Many of our clients even share sales and CRM data so that we can bring additional insight into the greatest opportunities for ROI. If you don’t have a great deal of data at this point, we have the tools to uncover real-time market data across a number of PPC platforms. We guarantee that our initial analysis is deeper than any preliminary research that any digital marketing agency has provided you in the past.

    3. Deliver a Paid Search Strategy
    We deliver a statement of work containing exact scope and timeline for management of your PPC accounts. Are you bringing a new product to market that consumers are not yet searching for? Building awareness through social media advertising may offer the greatest return. Are you searching for leads for a service that people search for locally? Then Google search will likely be your best bet. Whatever your goal, we’ve likely done it before and can help you navigate the best possible strategy.

    4. Restructure/Setup
    The right account structure is one of the most critical factors to success in Google AdWords and Bing. Setting up campaigns, ad groups, and keywords properly is an art and a science. This is the pitfall of many “full-service” agencies and self-managed accounts. Our account setups are guided by thousands of successful accounts across hundreds of industries. We will often restructure or build new when starting work with our clients. A proper restructure is often the game-changer that our clients couldn’t accomplish through a number of agencies before us.

    5. Ongoing Optimization & Reporting
    We don’t subscribe to the “set it and forget it mentality”. We optimize your PPC accounts relentlessly. Your account manager will provide detailed reporting calls with you monthly to detail all Key Performance Indicators and result tracking. We’ll make sure you understand what we’re doing and how it’s working at all times. We believe in educating clients so that you understand what’s taking at all times. After a few reporting calls, you’ll find yourself with a significantly deeper understanding of PPC.

    Google AdWords & Bing Ads Management Pricing

    Pricing varies on a number of factors, from size of the website to the number of services targeted. We offer competitive and simple pricing. More importantly, we bring unparalleled experience to the table and we know our worth is gauged on the additional business we can generate. From your first consultation call, you’ll sense the depth that we go into even before you are a client. Chances are we’ve managed several companies that do exactly what you do. Contact us for a free digital marketing analysis and PPC management consultation.

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